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Antal batterier: 1. Batteriets kemiska sammansättning: Lithium-Ion Dangerous Goods UN Number: UN3481-PI967. Nedladdningar. Loading documents  966 with Section II of PI 967 NEJ Lithium Metal Batteries Lösa batterier Monterade i UN 3090 PI 968 UN 3091 PI UN 3091 PI FÖRBJUDEN i TNT Air Network 1  Exempel: Ett paket som innehåller en bärbar dator kan ha 1 litiumjonbatteri och 2 små litiummetallmyntceller installerade. Inte tillåtet.

Pi967 section 1

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Product and Company Identification [Product] 1.1 Product Name: Li Polymer Battery 1.2 System: Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries [Comapny] 1.3 Company Name: RPC Corporation 1.4 Company Address: 17F-5, No. 716, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C 1.5 Emergency Telephone Number: +886 2 8227 8799 2. Hazards Identification If the employee enters the information by hand, ensure the employee prints clearly. A preparer and/or translator may help the employee complete Section 1. You are responsible for reviewing the information and ensuring employees (and their preparer/translators, if applicable) fully and properly completed Section 1. Section 1.

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Lithium ion cells or batteries shipped in accordance with the provisions of Section IB must be described on a dangerous goods transport document as set in Part 5;4. The packing instruction number “965” required by 5; a) must be supplemented with “IB”. For more information on E-Verify, see Section 1.2, E-Verify: The Web-Based Verification Companion to Form I-9. For more information on unlawful discrimination, see Section 10.0, Unlawful Discrimination and Penalties for Prohibited Practices. Employees are not required to provide an email address or telephone number in Section 1.

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Pi967 section 1

5.8. 0.09. 1.0. 3.7. 259. Class 9, UN 3481. PI967, Section II. *).

Full legal name; Employees with two last names (family names) should enter both names. Employees with two first names (given names) should enter both names.
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Pi967 section 1

Objects of Corporation 5.

1.001. Rules for the design of hoisting appliances (8 booklets – 1998) 144.59€ integrity and transparency (OJ L 326, 8.12.2011, p. 1).
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for cells, the lithium content is not more than 1 g; and 2. for batteries, the aggregate lithium content is not more than 2 g; Cells and batteries must be packed in strong outer packagings that conform to, and Additional Requirements–Section II In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. Expressed algebraically, for quantities a and b with a > b > 0, + = = where the Greek letter phi (or ) represents the golden ratio. It is an irrational number that is a solution to the quadratic equation − − =, with a value of: EM Help % End of search results. Preparers and translators can help employees complete Section 1. Employee Responsibilities for Section 1.